Is it a good idea for me to publish?

oOo Asked: Is it a good idea for me to publish?

Here are examples of my written work.
I'm a writer who loves the concept of thought and hidden mysteries. :)
Title: Weird.

I'm as smart as I want to be; at least that's my excuse,
What's the point saving a mind that's half jittering noose.
Mom is out raping kids; while everyone else fails to acknowledge;
This mind ingested kid struggling to find the money for his college.

Durable fire burns violently between it's green gazing eyes,
Realizing truths surface for him to take, disguise and then comprise.
While biblical geniuses tell stories of their naked false past;
The truths compile series sets information that would leave them aghast.

I'm nothing special; but I have made the effort to see fear,
Mountaineers unheard volunteer define laws to logically cohere.
Ambition cuts thoroughly through dreams shattered but heard,
Blurred envious thoughts insight those hurt by a word.

Rough inverse emotions run through thick blood,
It will all be meaningless; the last is a thud.
Title: Reality.

Induce fast and break glass; in the case of any fire.
Watch your heart slowly beat itself to death without a sign of tire.
Some like sharp objects that burst bubbles to relieve pressure;
I hate it; the unneeded waste, but only as much as living a thresher.

Lucid dreams regret nonsensical fiction; there is truth to it;
While placid meaning deteriorate minds blind with flap and flit.
When thought shakes mountains the avalanche is brutal,
Strangely stressed noise caves vibrant colourful tootle.

We are all the same, living lives as the stubborn animal within you;
But what meaningless prosperity, this caged closed coffin zoo.
There is a reality that's dimmed and it's my plea of insanity;
Thought allows violent living to go emotionless, some say inhumanity.
Title: Undecided.

Taste the desire,imperfections are sweetest;
Role them out on your desk, the spot where you're neatest.
Do not let them infest you, and crumble your soul
If you do, the inevitable is loss of control.

Indulge in the thought, the expression of knowledge;
The experience: they'll never teach you at college.
Explore, find preference, enjoy your mind.
You will fail to find this information at a psychology grind.

Vivid images surpass expectations you've had;
Overpopulate your head, tourists guide to Riyadh.
On your feet; act quick, you're at disadvantage in time.
You're 75 in fourteen billion, oh shame; what a crime.
Title: Stars.

Today's pain, tomorrow's Wisdom,
Today's youth's diseased minds refurbished with religion.
Finding sense, science? No.. a message from god?
Eyewash, hey kids, time to clean your retinal rods.

Commandments, dictatorship, fascist propaganda.
Beautiful read, colorless but meaningful, viola blanda.
You're just a kid, absent minded, closed minded, dumb.
Nice attitude, I see where your kids get it, you know, the ones everyone shys away from.

I'm sorry, my opinion, the creative logical thought.
Think free, thank me, sugar coated overwrought.
On the first day, God created light, wave motion and sound.
Then water? From energy to compound element's breeding ground.

Unbelievable, uneducated fictional bash at life.
No wonder, causing annoyances anger and strife.
Opinions matter, brand it through more opinion, negative.
But get on, do what you need- you want, to live.

Would it be a good idea to publish my work?


Robert Answered:
So, you are "a writer who loves the concept of thought and hidden mysteries." How unique. You're the first writer I have ever met like that. Seriously, though, you should publish. Put together several of your poems in a Word file and post it to You could also post a free e-book to Smashwords but it takes a little more effort because you have to do a lot of "plumbing" work on your file.

Remember, even if you were a really good poet, publishing poetry is like dropping a petal down the Grand Canyon, as they say. One poet I know said he felt like Stephen King after selling ten copies of his book of a poetry. The small press only gave him one complementary copy, he made me buy my copy.

Dude the Obscure Answered:
I would suggest learning more about, and practicing more with, meter. It sounds as if you are trying to write metrical poems, but the line lengths and rhythms of the lines in these poems vary so wildly that they're not at all metrical. That's OK in rhymed poetry if you are Ogden Nash and are writing satirical verse, but you aren't and you aren't.

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