Is astral projection "wrong" in God’s eyes?

Whittybee Asked: Is astral projection "wrong" in God’s eyes?

I've recently been reading about lucid dreaming, OBEs, and astral projection and whatnot, and I'm pretty interested in trying astral projection.. Some things I've read have said that it's "wrong" and stuff like that shouldn't be messed with, but other things say God gave us spirits just like eyes and mouths and we astral project every night and it's not wrong.. I'm just a bit confused. I'm not into the Occult and witchcraft and Shamanism or whatever the heck is out there, I am a Christian. I would really like to try astral projection, but I don't want to be messing around with things that could be considered "evil" or whatever.
I don't want people ranting about how astral projection isn't real so if you're thinking it, leave it at that. Don't post it.



Taylor Ross Answered:

Matt R Answered:
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shenzara Answered:
It may be considered "witchcraft". I wouldn't suggest it. It involves leaving your body which mean your body is unguarded and anything can enter into it while you're gone. Do you really want to take that chance?

Ius Verum Answered:
No you can project all you want, good intentions all of that ! you can project even bad intention, you know He is the Eternal, God almighty, all the magic you can do here and play with is all wrong but He will let you play with it ! personally I advise strongly against it.. shalom alechem, relax and take a step back from it

Vulcan Answered:
Neither Astral Projection nor God really happen.They're both fantasies.

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