is astral projection true? because last night i watch insidious and it is really scared me.?

Paulo christian Asked: is astral projection true? because last night i watch insidious and it is really scared me.?

Well, considering I've done it a couple of times…


Fidelis Answered:
you shouldn't watch TV then
did you know that Jennifer Love Hewitt sees dead people ?

yea, of course,she does so in see thru shirts, so they see her too.

Pytr Pytr Answered:
Not true, anyone who thinks they have either was having a wacko dream or was on drugs.

Fistful of Silence Answered:
No, of course not.

Ray J Answered:
Yeah, everything that scares you is true.

Robert Abuse Answered:
it's suppose to scare you.and no it's not real. really just equivocation.

God of Nonsense Answered:
Like what Pirate said, many people believe in astral projection though faith and belief without experience or evidence of its existence. Then since most people don't understand sleep paralysis; being unable to move with the thought that things could be around you while you a vulnerable can cause the conscious mind to create visualizations based on the fears that person my experience. While others think it's some supernatural thing and simple believe in it such as a religion.

Most people of today's society are dominate left brained, which means thoughts and actions are done mostly by logical reasoning. Then because there is no solid proof or logical evidence based on what we know it is tossed aside as false and is not true. So because of all this astral projection today (most people think of who never's experienced it) has many myths and falsities in it. Such as demons taking control of your body and that it's a "hollow shell" when you lave, is false. Or unable to enter your body once you out is also false. You can't be harmed while astral projecting.

Yeah, Iv'e seen Insidious as well and didn't like it at all. Don't worry, that's nothing like Astral Projection and I was quite frustrated from the movie because of how wrong it was. Astral Projection isn't really some supernatural thing because we astral project every night (we just aren't conscious of it).

So yes astral projection is real, but it's not like the media says it is. It's very peaceful and gives you a great sense or freedom. And I'm a very logical person; I love science and math, and only have my beliefs based on what I know for a fact is true. So I don't like faith or religion very much because of this, but Iv'e had personal experience (many times) of astral projection. There is just not enough evidence of astral projection yet or understanding of it in our society to be common knowledge and a fact yet; such as dreaming is common knowledge and considered a fact without real evidence of it other than shifts in brain waves and activity.

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