is astral projection safe and is it bad ??? i need 2 no asap?

Jacob Munoz Asked: is astral projection safe and is it bad ??? i need 2 no asap?



Meg Answered:
It isn't safe

Red Answered:
Is dreaming safe and is it bad???

Because they're exactly the same thing.

I'll tell you what IS bad though, thinking that it's acceptable to replace the word "to" with the number "2".

Whitechapel Answered:
its no more dangerous than traveling to a country you have never been to before.

kidkunjer Answered:
Bad idea.

Oscar Answered:
Sure, why not?

bored Answered:
Actual astral projection is safe. The minute you feel threatened you will revert back to you physical body.

Archer Answered:
If you're a Christian, I really wouldn't mess with it. In the beginning, it's powerful, but it pretty soon makes you paranoid.And it becomes harder and harder to connect with people without it.

I'm now dealing with someone who astral projects, and it is very hard for her to have a regular conversation.She knows people too well 'cause she astro projects herself into situations that do not include her.Part of the fun of connecting with people is getting to know them slowly bit by bit.Without that power, she feels insecure.

In the end, it's witchcraft, and there is a price to pay when you mess with dark spiritual junk. And I'm not talking about the afterlife.I'm talking about here on earth.

dd k Answered:
It is demonic. It is bad.It leads a person knowhere but into a self destructive attitude.

Peacemaker Answered:
People can and have died during it.
It is an illegal spiritual action in that it opposes the LORD (Yahweh) to enter spiritual things without submission to Him.

GEHAN Answered:
it is 100% safe we have a physical body,energy body, and the astral body. When we leave our body our astral body leaves and the cord connects us to our energy body which is still in our physical body. It is impossible for something to take over it. And of course great power great responsiblity. You need to find out why you want to astral travel. Also it takes a long time to master, if you where planning to do it by the ASAP, it wont happen…….Anyway long-short.. Yes, Yes it is safe. Most importantly study it and learn about it

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