is astral projection real or just a lucid dream?

A Asked: is astral projection real or just a lucid dream?

is it real?
or just a lucid dream?
and if its real, can anything happen while you're out of your body


susan Answered:
Astral projection and lucid dreaming are two different things, although you can travel while lucid dreaming.Usually lucid dreaming means you are aware you are dreaming and can also control your dream.An astral projection, from what I understand, is when you are in one place, but projecting yourself to another place where you can talk and interact with others in the same way you would if you were there.Those interacting with you generally do not know you are also somewhere else!

It is tricky and fraught with peril to be out of body if you do not know how to keep safe.It is important to learn about it with an experienced teacherwho can travel with you and keep you safe while out and about as well as keep your physical body safe from others seeking entrance.These kinds of teachers are hard to find, because the real ones do not advertise!

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