In Astral projection is it true that some spirit will take your body?

Alex Asked: In Astral projection is it true that some spirit will take your body?

I heard that when you start the Astral projection you'll see shadows of people and ghosts in your room .Is that right that they are waiting for you to get out of your body to take it ?
Or lies?
And have you ever try it before tell me about your experience.


inteleyes Answered:
YES i HAVE SEEN SPIRITS, but never had any problems with them taking over my body, you do have some control while out of body…..people worry to much.

brocker1966 Answered:
Ive heard there may be a slight chance of possession since 'spirits' or demons don't know when you intend to project

Tim M Answered:
Astral projection and out of body experiences are quite unique experiences and they can come without warning but can also be achieved through practice. Meditation is one such way that one can help facilitate this condition but I also recommend reading upon this subject it this is something you wish to take part in. That once you leave your body that you can be over come would seem to be of concern and there is no way to say that you are not vulnerable or that it cannot occur. I do know that anyone can protect themselves in certain manors either through a sort of ritual or by possibly having a symbol of protection that they wear. I have never set out to astral project or attempt tohave an out of body experience but while having an episode of sleep paralysis I did feel that I was about to leave my body but fought to awaken as it was something that I was quite unfamiliar with. There is a very good book I recommend by Robert Monroe called "Journeys Out Of The Body". It explains a good bit on this subect and he talks about his personal experiences as well . Take care.

Im just me Answered:
No. When you leave your body, you see shadows and stuff, because what's happening is you're now seeing beyond the veil. You're seeing with your spiritual eyes, not your physical ones. You're seeing what's been there all along.

a spirit cannot jump into your body and take over. That's crap they put on TV because it looks scary. Can't happen in real life. In real life, you hold the power, and you have to give someone permission before they can do it. And it's not achieved easily.

Spencer Answered:
No it's not true. Because you spirit actually never leaves the body during astral projection. You astral project every night without knowing it, do you think spirits would have done it already if they could? The thing about spirits taking possession is just a myth, people just made it up because it'a against their beliefs. So yes lies.

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