I have a few believes. Care to comment on them?

L Asked: I have a few believes. Care to comment on them?

Okay my beliefs are as follows:
Your dreams don't happen in this world
There is life on other planets that we have not yet found.
Astral projection is indeed real
Wicca is supreme
Most police officers and military troops abuse their power
The government has a major load of secrets they have tried to hide from society.
The Philosopher's stone exists but has not yet been introduced to the world because no one knows that you can't find it but have to make it and people don't know the main ingredient to it.
Edgar Cayce will indeed be reincarnated once again in the 2060's


Sabrina Rie Answered:
I kind of agree with life on other planets and Nasa lying.

Tony Parker Answered:
I'll go over a couple of your beliefs with you, i disagree with you that your dreams don't happen in this world. Yeah if the dreams are totally unrealistic then they don't but as a human you have the ability that when you want to do something you can do it, just put your mind to it.

I could believe that NASA lies, i mean they try to portrait things to be really heroic and all but there are still somethings we might not know or might be misinformed about life outside of earth.

Most police officers and military troops abuse their power? Hm you could argue both ways. I mean cops tend to abuse their power more, not as much in the suburban areas but more in the cities, and military troops i don't know but what can you do? I mean the guys go through so much and see so much that some of them turn psycho and do stupid stuff. But remember they not the ones who choose to go to wars and blow up cities, the old big headed politicians do.

Amber Answered:
1. Dreams may not be necessarily "of this world" but a lot of the things that happen in dreamtime can be prophetic. Pay attention to your dreams. Sometimes more is going on than it seems. Then again, it could just be that you need to lay off the pepperoni pizza before bedtime.:-)
2. Yes, astral projection is real. (actually can be tied to the dreamtime….it's often easier to project during your sleep than it is when you are conscious)
3. Sorry, Wicca is not supreme. It is, like any other spiritual pathway, a valid religion. However, no religion is better than any other. All religions are valid to those who believe in them.
4. Probably. I'd be really surprised is they weren't lying to us.
5. The police and military are just like any other human beings. There are good ones and bad one. Power can be very seductive, and many people who gain a position of power abuse it. But then again, for every cop or soldier that abuses their position of power, there are dozens more who do not.
6. Well, duh! It's the government. Of course, they are hiding things. It's what politicians do best.
7. I won't discount the possibility of the philosopher's stone existing, but so far there is nothing to prove that it does, or ever did. Alchemists have been trying for centuries to create the stone, with no luck that has ever been documented and verified. But, hey, good luck to them.
8. I suppose Edgar can reincarnate when he wishes. :-) I'd love to meet him, although I doubt I will last until the 2060's. That would put me at around 100 years old, and I haven't taken good enough care of myself to last that long. lol.

dragonloverforever Answered:
totally agree with you! except the recarnation thing… but other wise agreed!

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