I had astral projection last night ?

gh0st Rider Asked: I had astral projection last night ?

I can't explain whether it was dream or truly i had seen something. Let me explain what i saw last night when i fell asleep. I sleep in my room in which there are colored small bulbs in chain twinkling and when i went to sleep they were ON. So what i saw was like – i woke up i could see the color bulbs (with actual colors just like we usually do when we are off sleep , and in dreams i always see black and white dreams but this was something like original) then i sat next to my sleeping body watching myself on BED and after some time i got so scared in that dream that i wokeup. The whole the thing was in color and i could actually feel everything like i was off dream.

That dream was completely different from previous once, feeling and visuality . So had i actually astral project last night or something devil type thing?



astralsoul88 Answered:
Rest assured that there are no devils in your bedroom.
Devils or Evil is a creation or fabrication of our own mind.

Looking at your experience, I would say, Pal.. you are lucky because it could be Astral Projection.
However, take all experiences very lightly. Do not over involve yourself about it…
Welcome these experiences and sometimes you may not have control where you want to have
Astral Projection or not. They may happen or they may not happen.

Or, it can be called as a very lucid dream. A special dream. Enjoy it.

About dreams having colors or not… I am surprised. Because I never heard that dreams are only black and white… My dreams are very colorful… but I am not so lucky as you to have the dramatic experience that you describe.

Good Luck

Marj Answered:
Don't know but it's dangerous to play around with astral projection.It's demons that take people for a ride sometimes during astral projection.There is no good purpose in that.

Back from YA Hell Answered:
"I can't explain….." stop right there. If you can't explain it then don't post a misleading question implying that you know it was astral projection. That makes my efforts as an answerer worthless.

Saturn554 Answered:
I don't think so.

DB and Lucy Answered:
Do you want to swap astral projection strips with me. All mine end with end with a deep sonorousvoice saying, "Now what would you do?"

Rico Toasterman JPA Answered:
It's called an OBE. Lucid dreamers do it all the time. You probably did it by accident.

Why is it these devil type things only happen to the religious?

My right nut just fell off Answered:
I astral project once, I **** a celebrity in the restroom and *** when I woke up

BehindTheCurtain Answered:
Nice try, We dream in color.

Archer Answered:
It as a dream, i had the same thing.

Thinker Answered:
i had too

Adrian Joshua R Answered:
I left my body to go to the light switch one time and then went back to my body in bed.Sometimes I think it could beexhaustion from the day we had when this happens.Maybe I was dreaming that I was going to turn the light on and too tired to get up or I left my body to do it instead of getting up.I did not turn the light on though.I saw my body on the bed though.Mind tricks I guess.But nothing evil. Our minds still work while we are asleep.But an Indian told me to lay on my side or stomach and I would never dream.I have found this to be true.

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