I had a scary lucid dream (sexual)?

Brooke456 Asked: I had a scary lucid dream (sexual)?

I (17 years old) had a lucid dream last night, I've only had a few before.
It was the kind where I didn't have control of my environment, only myself. So here's the dream:

I was at my house and my little brother (13 years old) had a friend over (same age) his closest friend.
Early in the dream my brother and every other person that appeared in the dream were gone except for his friend and there were no doors or windows just my bedroom and his friend was in there.

His friend demanded sex acts and I had no choice to give them and I woke up crying,
WHAT does it all mean?? :'(


Mr P Dough Bear Answered:
It means you're a dirty dirty girl.

Mike Answered:
probably nothing at all dreams can be interpeted more symbolicall, like your brothers friend could be a very demanding person

SA Answered:
Your dream is expressing that you feel sexually immature compared to the other girls around you which is common in high school because everyone acts like they are very sexually active but only a few really are.You feel pressured to have sex or be more sexual by the boys around you.You know that their demands for you to be sexy for them are unreasonable and inappropriate, yet that is the world you find yourself living in.The situation frustrates you to the point of crying.

Mary Answered:
You are not sure of yourself…lack confidence…the youth feels attraction and you picked up on that, finding it scary.

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