I dream of having sex AS THE OPPOSITE GENDER?!?

Guisexo Asked: I dream of having sex AS THE OPPOSITE GENDER?!?

Alright, so I'm a girl. Straight. I couple times a month, Ill dream that I'm having sex. But in my dream, I'm a GUY, doing it with a girl. And it feels very pleasureable. The odd thing is, I'm concious of the fact that I'm dreaming. I know that I'm a straight girl whos dreaming all this. And I'm thinking . "Well now I know what sex feels like for a guy". That's called lucid dreaming, right?


Alex Answered:
It could be any number of things ranging from the fact that you may be simply curious as to what it is like for the opposite sex (something that happens to many people who are straight, males and females alike) to the possibility that you are at least a little curious as to what a relationship (or at least a sexual encounter) with another woman might be like.

More likely though it's just a passing fantasy that many people have at some point in their lives.

Trololo Answered:
thats hawt

darlington Answered:
having dreams is good for every young person.. as in all things starts from our fantasies things we give much of our time and the things around us books we read movies we watch posters on our walls all tht plays a roll in our everyday life… its all in our minds and we have to take decisions on tht and chose to continue or discontinue the effects it have on us and dear knw tht u have power over wht u dream and can choose not to…

Michael Answered:
That depends. How did sleeping with a woman make you feel (other than the pleasure)? Empowered / strong? Dominant?
Or was the only thing you experienced in the dream the pleasure?
Also, how do you feel when you think about the dream? Does it make you smile, giggle, or wonder?
Maybe guilty?
Is the woman somebody you know (friend, celebrity, or acquaintance), or a random, made-up person? Is the woman you? Are you as a man somebody you know?
Most important, what kind of sex is it? Soft and romantic, wild / rough / fast, etc?
I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but I think if you think about them you could have a better understanding of these dreams. Or if you answer them here I could come back and help.

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