I am a WILD Lucid Dreamer

I didn’t realize until recently that I had been using the WILD technique for having lucid dreams.  In case you don’t already know, WILD stands for Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming or Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming.  There are a fair number of lucid dreaming techniques out there and they are all successful to some degree.  I happen to deprive myself of sleep on a regular basis so I can’t really get into the timing of such techniques that have you sleep for 5 to 6 hours and then wake up for about an hour and then go back to sleep.  I typically get between 3 and 5 hours each night, so I like the WILD method. 

You basically have to fall asleep while remaining aware.  In this way you sleep into the dream state aware that you are dreaming.  I haven’t mastered this technique, but now that I know what it is and realize that I have been doing it all this time, I am sure to be honing my skill.  There is another technique called MILD which is Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming or Mnemonic Initiated Lucid Dreaming.  This is a method by which you give yourself reality checks so that you know you are dreaming.  Some really great ideas I have read about are things like checking the time or looking at your hands.  Apparently, when checking the time or looking at your hands while dreaming, the time or hands are distorted enough to allow you a chance to realize you are in a dream.  I know I have done similar things to this.  Especially looking in the mirror.  This one never seems to fail.  I can’t recall ever looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection that was clearly me.

So, if you are a person like me who gets little sleep, you might try mixing WILD and MILD to experience the joys of lucid dreaming.  Luckily for the sleep deprived, lucid dreaming time is longer than awake time. 

Does anyone else have some good techniques that work well for those who don’t get much sleep?

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  1. Incredible This really is one of the most beneficial sites I’ve ever browsed on this subject.

  2. emily says:

    i told myself that i waned to dream about a specific person i wanted it to be a happy dream but i didnt tell myself that i wanted to dream about something happy do you think that could have been the problem

    • admin says:

      Guiding your dreams is a little bit tricky. When you dream, a large portion of the dream is a projection of your own thoughts. Simply telling yourself what dreams you want to have is not a perfect way to guide them, but it does help. It is a lot like rowing a boat on a river. You can paddle to one direction or the other, but the rushing water of the river has a lot to do with where the boat goes.

      What works best is having a clear image or thought in your mind as well as telling yourself how your dream should be. This will increase in effectiveness over time. The first try doesn’t always work. Don’t stop trying.

      What happened with your dream that went differently than you had planned? It could be that you have a prevailing problem or disturbance in your life that over powers your desire to have a “happy” dream. Also, it might help to have in your mind what you mean by “happy”. Happy can mean so many different things and what is happy to one person is not happy for another. Concentrate on the content of your dreams before and as you are falling asleep and it will help you to guide it better.

      I hope that helps. Good luck and happy lucid dreaming. Let us know how it goes and if you need some more ideas.

  3. Urai says:

    I’ve been trying the WILD thing for about a week now with little or no progress, anyway to help speed me along, I’m a very light sleeper and I rarely dream, I can get to the colors but swallowing my spit afterwards is what usually throws me off, any advice would help


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