How to vividly recall my dreams every night?

Brian Asked: How to vividly recall my dreams every night?

Im experimenting with lucid dreaming and astral projection, and im having trouble recalling my dreams, so im seeking any tips or knowledge to help me remember my dreams vividly every night


Jyni A Answered:
This is going to sound strange, but it's the only self help that works for me, which I only found out because I'm pregnant, and have to wake up and urinate constantly.

It's been proven that if you are waken up you are able to more vividly remember your dreams, and because I just got so sick of waking up with an entirely full bladder, I've started setting my alarm to an hour and a half intervals. Crazy right? Well not really. When I'd wake up (I experimented for only one night) I took my little journal to the bathroom with me. As I'd take my break, I'd right down what was on my mind or if I remembered my dream and where I left off. I had an entire diary entry that night, and I was able to analyze my dreams.
If you do use this method, you may not even need to write it down every 1-2 hours. You may be able to set the alarm, momentarily wake up, and then fall back asleep and keep the dream fresh in your mind. Lucid dreaming takes a lot of practice, and a lot of patience. This may be one extra idea into your training. I wish you good luck

Lisa The Kritterbite Answered:
The way to really have it work is to get a notebook and keep it next to where you sleep. When you wake write all you dream, any shapes, colors anything. Keep good notes of anything you can about your dreams.
I also try to write in a journal, dated and such real events. It eventually becomes lucid, I do astral project but only to one person in particular so I've taken to writing down if they match up too.
Next you'll ask what I would love to, why that person?
Oh and keep track if the dream is colored or black and white, or cartoon colors and such so you can more easily figure out if this is lucid, just a story or some projection to the other person's life (which to me looks like I'm doing the things until I find out he's done them)

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