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" There are many astral projection techniques out there, with hundreds of books and websites devoted to this popular topic. In fact, if you just wanting to learn to have an out of body experience, the choice of methods can seem overwhelming. Fortunately you don't have to master them all, although you may have to experiment a bit to find one which works best for you. In this article we'll take a look at three popular astral projection methods, all of which are well worth trying if you want to have an out of body experience. 1. The Consciousness Transfer Technique This is a well-known astral projection method with which many people have found success. It basically involves beginning by entering a deeply physically and mentally relaxed state. Various relaxation methods can be used, although deep breathing combined with systematically tensing and relaxing all of the muscles in your body for a few minutes is quite an effective one for many people. After going through the relaxation phase, begin to visualise a replica of your body hovering about three feet in the air above you, connected to your physical body by silver cord. Then mentally transfer your point of consciousness from your physical body into the head of the replica. Try to visualise your room from your new, more elevated perspective, but don't put your attention on your physical body lying on the bed (this is because what you're actually out of your body, paying too much attention to <b>…</b>

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