How To Lucid Dream Tonight

Right off the bat, I have to tell you that lucid dreaming does take some practice before you get really good at it.  However, it is possible for you to learn how to lucid dream tonight.

There are a number of different techniques that can be used to reach the lucid dreaming state and you should explore them and find what works best for you.  This blog is fairly new, but you may find some ideas to use from here.  There are also a good number of decent resources on the internet to check out as well just by searching on the topic of lucid dreaming.  People have also found it useful to train their brains using binaural and monaural beats.  You can get free audio samples by joining our free newsletter if you would like to hear what they sound like.

Even with brainwave entrainment, it can take some time before you get the hang of lucid dreaming.  There is a good chance that your first time will be brief.  When I was first learning how to lucid dream, it was often that the realization that I was dreaming would excite me enough to wake me up.  It is important to try to stay as calm and as even keel as possible.

One of the easiest ways that I have found to realize I am dreaming is to look at my hands in my dream.  This may seem like an easy thing to do, but it is actually pretty difficult.  There seems to be two main effects of looking at your hands that causes one to realize they are dreaming.  The act of looking at your hands alone seems to trigger the realization itself.  Plus, in your dreams, your hands don’t look like your hands, and that seems to be just jolting enough to assist the realization process.

It helps to prepare yourself and your mind for purposefully taking an action such as looking at your hands.  You can choose to perform a different action in your dreams rather than looking at your hands.  I suggest looking at your hands since I know this works very well and have read that it works well for others too.

To prepare yourself, start making a mental note that you are going to look at your hands while dreaming.  Literally tell this to yourself as often as you can before you go to sleep.  The earlier you start this in your day, the better.  If you repeat this enough to yourself, it will act as sort of a reminder while in your dream.  It is strange, but while in a dream, it doesn’t quite seem to occur to you until after you have woken up that you were even in a dream.  Even when there are very strange things going on in your dream, it always seems perfectly normal.

When you are ready to go to sleep, keep reminding yourself of your plan of action.  You can literally just spend your pre-sleep time thinking of this plan to look at your hands in your dream.  Try to take nice long breaths; slowly inhaling and exhaling.  It doesn’t have to be super deep breaths, but long relaxing breaths work the best, I have found.  If possible, you want to fall asleep gradually.  This gives you a better opportunity to maintain some of your consciousness while part of your brain is in the sleep and dream stages.

Something you may notice as you are falling asleep are images on the back of your eyelids.  First these will appear as lighted abstract shapes.  You may see these changing shapes start to take form and turn into recognizable scenes or objects.  These are known as hypnogogic images or hypnogogic hallucinations.  This is part of a technique called WILD. Try not to control these.  Just let them do what they are going to do.  Your mind will start to fill in the blanks on it’s own.  Just try to roll with it.  If you catch this moment just right, you may be able to jump right into a lucid dream, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it.  This takes some getting used to.  You still have plenty of opportunity while dreaming to experience lucidity.

The big trick, once you realize you are dreaming, is to stay in the dream.  For me personally, I use something I have dubbed, the smile technique.  The reason behind smiling is that it helps to keep you calm and present in the dream.  Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin into your system.  These are the natural “feel good” chemicals in your body.  Try smiling right now and you should be able to feel the effect.  I have found this to be very useful in the dream state.

There is a fine line between excited and scared that you want to stay in.  With practice, you will be able to let your emotions go a little bit more as you learn to remain in control of your dreams.

If you can manage to stay calm and realize you are dreaming, you will find yourself in one of the best and wildest environments you could ever hope to imagine.  The limits are really up to you.

* Consider grabbing your copy of the Beginner’s Guide To Lucid Dreaming Techniques for more details how how to lucid dream.

To summarize how to lucid dream tonight:

  • Prepare your mind by repeating to yourself your plan of action.  (Looking at your hands in your dream)
  • Try to gradually fall asleep by breathing slowly and somewhat deeply.
  • Take note of hypnogogic images as you are falling asleep.  (Possible lucid dreaming point)
  • With good preparation and a little luck, you will remember to perform your planned action while dreaming.  (Looking at your hands)
  • Once you have realized you are dreaming, remember to stay calm.  Try smiling; it really works.
  • Enjoy the bliss that is lucid dreaming.

If you don’t get to lucid dream on your first try, don’t give up.  Keep trying because it is well worth the experience and well worth the benefits that come with learning to lucid dream.  You can continue to work on the techniques I pointed out above or look into other ways to learn how to lucid dream.  If you are interested in audio assistance, check out the audio samples for free by joining our newsletter and also check out the Unexplainable Store for all kinds of brainwave entrainment audio types.


How To Lucid Dream Tonight

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20 Responsesto “How To Lucid Dream Tonight”

  1. This is some pretty interesting stuff. I’ve read about lucid dreaming a while back but never really got into it. Sometimes I have some crazy out-of-control dreams that really makes no sense, then there are other times where I have dreams where everything goes my way. Thanks for sharing this interesting topic here on tribepro!
    Take Care

  2. RWS says:

    When can you people perform extraction or inception?

    • admin says:

      Extraction and inception are complex concepts. I am not sure if there has been much work in this area of lucid dreaming. The Robert Monroe Institute has claimed to have studied and performed scientific tests on “shared lucid dreams” where more than one person has the same dream and can interact. That is the closest to something like inception that I am aware of. This is considered advanced lucid dreaming and branches off into other areas such as astral projection and even experiencing alternate realities.

  3. Nick says:

    Well guys, I can def tell you that shared dreaming does happen. I know it for myself, for a fact. The reason for this mainly, is because one of many experiences I’ve had with the spiritual world. Simply put, I had a dream about my neighbors wife, for some odd reason. I remember seeing the image of her face that was basically how I knew I dreamt of her. That same day, I even told my cousin about it, and how I expected them to show up to our house or something. Actually what happened instead, I found out she had divorced him that day. At first I thought someone had died at my aunts reaction. I even tried to tell the guy I had the dream and that was weird. But it made no difference to the situation for him. I just sorta got a connection in my dreams. And that is one of the reasons I keep searching for answers.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. mr nick says:

    my life sucks thats why i wanted to learn to lucid dream. i tried to lucid dream and i could do anything i wanted in my dreams which last for about half and hour. i live my life as i want it to be at my dreams now thanxxx a lot

  5. kielan says:

    Im scared, will this hypogognic thing cause sleep paralysis when you see demons n stuff, i dont wanna do that

  6. Aither says:

    This appears very helpful for a start, but I think it would really help for this article to be more in depth (ex. More of what to look for when entering the lucid dreaming state, or what it might feel like in that transition).

    I’ve read in some places that this can in fact be dangerous if performed incorrectly, so I’m doing whatever I can to get as much information as possible before I attempt this.

    Also, out of curiosity, how far does the lucid dreaming environment differ from the environment you’re actually in? Or is that entirely up to the dreamer? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Aaron says:

    Shared dreaming is an extremely complex task that takes much work. Becoming lucid in this dream is even harder. A friend and i attempted this when i was at his house for a few days. The first day we looked into shared dreaming a bit and got the concept. that night we obviously failed because of lack of info. So on day 2 we studied as much as we could, hitting every website possible. That night we went completely by the book. Telling ourselves to find eachother in the dream so on and so forth. That night we both went to sleep late and i woke up at nine the next morning without a single dream. I sat up and looked across the room at my friend to realize that he was still asleep. So i said out loud “i have to find him”. I fell back asleep, and suddenly i was in his house in the living room. i went into his room and found him sitting on his bed rubbing his eyes. At this point im lucid and he is not. So i told calmly told him “dude we are dreaming”. He looked at his hands and said “whoa we are”. Long (dream) short when we woke we both described the same dream and he was able to quote EVERYTHING that i said and vice verse. A big way to achieve shared dreaming is to try it with a really close friend. In both the same room and know eachother for a long period of time and have the subject of shared dreaming brought up a TON throughout the day.

  8. Ion_FoX says:

    sometimes when i dream i just look for unrealistic things than im able to controll just about everything its just the easiest thing for me

  9. Nick Norris says:

    I am goin g to look into shared dreaming after I master Lucid Dreaming. Are you supposed to use binaural beats while alseep or before? I’m confused.

  10. Ryan says:

    okay inception (the movie) inspired me to do this and insidious made me scared to have an OBE… lol i having troubble atualy having a dream tho :( any tips?

  11. Mohamed says:

    Does it have to be looking at your hands?

    • admin says:

      It’s not necessary to look at your hands, but I have found it to be useful and I have read that a lot of people use this method of helping themselves realize they are dreaming. The real trick is remembering to look at your hands. It’s almost like you have to know that you are dreaming to realize that you need to look at your hands so that you know you are dreaming. Fortunately, all this makes more sense while in the dream. You will see what I mean if you have a chance to try it.

  12. Tylor says:

    The problem I get every night (or morning) is that my heart always starts to beat so heavily!! I try the WILD technique, and I didn’t have any success yet…

    The part I’m always stuck at the the Pre-Sleep Paralysis stage:
    I am about to have no control of my body, but I can still feel it. I feel a tiny, tiny sense of vibrations. Then, out of nowhere, my heart just starts pounding! I say to myself “Stop pounding, stupid! I’m not even scared!”

    Lol. But I guess I am over-excited when I reach this stage. Can I please have some advice to how I can solve this problem, excitement? (Thanks!)

  13. Richard says:

    This i want to try a lot. Though I’m scared i might mess it up in some way and accidentally think of aliens or some crazy thing like that. But I’ve also heard that lucid dreaming helps nightmares. My friend told me a technique how to lucid dream, but she said it took a while for her… about a month to really go into a deep lucid dream. She said it lasted for an hour. I honestly have not dreamed for more than 13 seconds. When i wake up i have no memory of how long it was but just a little glimpse of certain scenes. It feels like it was only a short amount of time… But her method was to lay completely on your back and think of a room… this room has no windows. Its a dark room. there is a table… and a chair… and you just keep thinking about this room as you gently fall asleep. I’ve lucid dreamed before… but it wasn’t that long. I was near my school. everyone was cheering for me… then i realized i was flying and then when i did i fell… i was on the ground and i got hurt but i didn’t feel anything, then i tried flying from the ground again and i didn’t it took me about 2 more quick times after that and i started to fly but this time i could move left to right and change the way i was moving. But it sounds like it was long.. but it didn’t feel long… anyone know a quick-ish way to preform a LONG (doesn’t have to be that long at least a half an hour or something relatively long so i can actually remember most details) lucid dream?

    • John Robenault says:

      It totally helps with nightmares. When you’re lucid dreaming, you realize that you’re dreaming…and also, you’re basically as powerful as you want to be. So, when you’re being chased by the creepy demon monster, you can simply stop running, turn around and blast it with a bazooka. It’s pretty epic.

  14. Richard says:

    I have one more question! Are you awake when you go into this… hypnogogic images or hypnogogic hallucinations stage? or are you asleep when this happens? And if you are asleep when this happens… how could you detect it?

  15. Jessica says:

    Just thought I’d share my experiences to hear your views.
    The latest controlled LDs I had were using the app from Unexplainable Store you mentioned. In the first, I had a great dream, but some months later, when I tried to LD, I always went quickly into the REM cycle with awful nightmares. Lately, I rarely remember my normal dreams, though I admittedly have insomnia and haven’t tried.

    One of the points you make of looking at one’s hands, however, may have a negative effect on people who are prone to night terrors/severe nightmares, as it’s also a trick taught by Cognitive Behavioral psychology to snap out of a night terror on awakening. Should people who have night terrors refrain from LD, or is there another trick that can be used?

    I’ve also noticed that after a LD I awake tired in need of more sleep, so I’m guessing it should be done on a night where one can sleep in.


    • admin says:

      That is really interesting. I didn’t know about the night terror situation and the use of looking at hands to trigger an awakening. It does make sense though because that is sort of the trigger you want. I guess the difference is, if you want to be aware of the dream, you can trigger your awareness, but if properly trained, you could use the same trigger for waking up completely.

      I’m not a doctor, but I think lucid dreaming could help with people who have night terrors, but it’s a complex matter. I’ve never suffered from night terrors personally. I can say that since lucid dreaming, I no longer have any sort of night mare. However, since I am not familiar enough with night terrors, I am not sure how that would be best tackled with regards to lucid dreaming.

      I will see if I can dig into this a bit deeper and do some posts on it. I think it is a very interesting topic to discuss. Thank you very much for your comment!

  16. Michelle says:

    I’ve never heard of lucid dreaming until a few minutes ago when I saw a friend’s Facebook post about it, but now I’m interested because I realize that I’ve done it before. I’ve had dreams where I’m trying to decide whether I’m dreaming or not, and when I do realize that it’s a dream, I immediately try to fly or something like that, but I always wake up a few minutes later. But now that I know that there are techniques you can use, maybe I can have some fun with this

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