How to Lucid Dream fast and effectively?

Asked: How to Lucid Dream fast and effectively?

ive been trying to lucid dream for a while, i have a dream journal and everything, and i have a lucid dream here and there but loose the lucid fast, i heard meditating helps, but that lead to a horrible expereince with astral projection, so meditating is out of the question. Do i just have to stick with the dream journal and be patient and wait for myself to become better at it over time? or is there more i should be doing to Lucid Dream?


Melatonin pills.

For some it comes easier. Levels of hormones can affect your dreaming. I went through a stage where a friend of mine would give me his sleeping pills just because I was curious about them, they were called Melatonin. Just taking 1 made me dream the entire night, and lucid dream 4 or 5 times through out my heavy REM sleep. Before that period I had been doing a bit of psychedelic drugs, DMT was one of them, which is the strongest hallucinogen and only lasts about 10 minutes. If you haven't heard of DMT you have one interesting discovery to make, and if you ever get the chance to take it, then lucky you. Anyway I did it about 10 times over the course of a couple months, and for those couple of months and a few months following I had the most interesting dreams. The most memorable was sitting in the backyard that I had done DMT the first time, and a person I had never met walked up and handed my a pipe to smoke the DMT, the dream was so realistic that when I had smoked the pipe I went into an incredible DMT like trip that I could have never experienced awake. I Don't necessarily condone drug use, or psychedelic drug use to anyone, but if you are one who wishes to explore the realm of the unconscious mind DMT and mushrooms are the best shortcut. I typically lucid dream more when I take naps than when I sleep at night, and I realize that after some exercise and after some relaxation and eating healthy my dreams are more peaceful and my mind much more open to explore.

I know how you feel, Im a 14 year old girl and we once moved into a house that was full of evil spirits, and we just recently moved again, but one of the spirits followed me and it creeps me out, I have had things fall of shelves, cupboards open, doors slam when no windows are open, and have had forces pin me down on my bed and I could not move or hardly speak. I have recently been pushed of my double bed onto the floor so I know how you feel, the best thing you can do is tell it to go away nicely, and thank it for visiting but it needs to kindly leave, and maybe talk to a church group and see they can give you a few tipps and see if they can't come to your house and get rid of it for you.

As for the astral projection, this is a helpful site that will help you prevent it from happening

Hope I helped :)

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