how to have intense dreams?

Michael None Asked: how to have intense dreams?

i have heard of lucid dreaming but i dont want to get involved in that. It is a long process and disrupts sleep. i just want a temporary solution to have an intense dream and remember it that is in my control. i heard that eating sugar before you sleep can help by increasing brain function. if this is true then tell me and if there are any other solutions. thanks


Blindboy Answered:
well, the brain uses glucose (sugar), but i see no reason why having it wouldn't actually increase it's level of activity (resulting in more intense dreams), it'd probably just make you fatter…

poed Answered:
Eat really spicy food just before going to bed. You'll have the best nightmares ever.

Will Answered:
Remembering you're in control IS lucid dreaming. And it might be really good for you, it doesn't disrupt sleep, it actually makes you feel more rejuvenated when you wake up. But usually dreams ARE pretty intense so if you don't want to get Ito lucid dreaming, you can train yourself to remember all your dreams and wake up right after they end so you remember them more

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