How to have a lucid dream tonight?

Griffin Theriot Asked: How to have a lucid dream tonight?

i want to so badly but i really don't know how. and i've already heard about that dream journal thing to help. but is there any food/drink/activity i could do before sleeping that would encourage it?


Paki Answered:
Do more research especially on youtube and google.

Its more of a practice and wait and see the result.

it is not like that you can control it.

Otherwise all will be dreaming as they like. :)

And I think being relax and normal and slowly adding these things and practices as writing a journal, frequently seeing the photograph what you want to be in your dream. breaking your sleep after 3 hours and re continuing it. may be you will control some of your dream.

Ae Answered:
How is your dream recall?If you don't have good dream recall you won't remember your lucid dream!When I started lucid dreaming I had really good dream recall, remembering an average of 3 dreams a night.So first start with that, get your dream journal.

Now, what you do is get excited about remembering your dreams before you go to bed.Thats what I did.I can't find the website that told me to do this though, sorry.

But after I did that my dream recall was amazing, and then I had my first lucid dream after 3 days of recalling!yours probably won't be that fast though, it usually takes longer.

Its Anything But A Regular Show Answered:
I'm not sure about if you can make yourself remember a dream or not.

Please answer mine? It's also VERY important :)

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