How Real is Astral Projection?

Nelson Contreras Asked: How Real is Astral Projection?

How real is Astral Projection?
Does it have any science behind it?
Im pretty sure you can escape your body but Ive read a book on it and I did "Feel" like I projected from my body But im convinced it was all in my head

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Alex Answered:
I'm assuming you've recently watched Insidious. In that sense, no, it isn't real (going into the world of the dead).

However a simpler term is real, and I know as I have experienced it only once in my life, under sedation.

It is a state of sleep, or dreaming, in which you encounter an "outer-body experience". This is where you see yourself in your dream; or you see yourself sleeping in your bed (in my case I went under sedation at the dentists, fell asleep, and for a moment watched myself in the dentists chair).

It is nothing really more than this, no-matter what some nutters may try to argue.
But of course this is my opinion from my own knowledge and experiences.

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