how is Lucid Dreaming Occult?

Britpilot90 Asked: how is Lucid Dreaming Occult?

How is it?
I have just chosen to take control of something that occurs naturally? According to several internet sites Lucid Dreaming is "New Age Occult" ! HOW People have been dreaming since humanity was born? I feel far more spiritual after I have managed to Induce a Lucid Dream for the first time, I actually feel closer to God!

If it is occult, then I am wondering if I am drifting towards Witchcraft, should I become a Wiccan lol


Austin Answered:
I don't think that the internet sites really meant that it was Occult, just used it a metaphor, here's my reasoning for think that.
The Occult started off rather small but then grew, and is still growing.So did Lucid dreaming.It's becoming more and more popular every week.

So, it's not Occult.It's a natural thing that sometimes you can experience without attempting to do so.

(by the way, the 'lol' at the end of your question made it sound less like a question and more just like a funny joke)

Mackenzie Answered:
Lucid dreaming isn't occult. It's sleep psychology.

People who classify it as occult obviously misunderstand it, but then some people think meditation and yoga are occult practices, too.

It has nothing to do with Witchcraft, or Wicca.

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