How does astral project feel?

Alan Asked: How does astral project feel?

By that,i mean not the process of leaving your body..but in mid astral projection, like can you see stuff,can you hear,are you hungry?…etc


Taz Answered:
I doubt you'll get a serious answer to this

Semtex Answered:
Astral Projection are a hard techno group from the nineties that made an album called, 'Trust in Trance'.Apart from them, astral projection is a delusion.

jethom33545 Answered:

oceanbreeze Answered:
never tried it.

Many people have gave it a go and claim to be able to leave their body and travel many destinations in the supernatural world…

im not so sure about it

Hope is certainty Ross Answered:
Taking heaven by storm is risky business.

Emerith Answered:
Lucid dreaming is definitely a good place to start, so you learn how to control your astral body a little more.

I've heard a common technique that can work. Find something to focus on, like a light or just a small object that you can fall asleep looking at. (Wouldn't suggest a candle for obvious reasons.) Focus on nothing but that object or light, and let yourself "fall asleep". With some pratice, you may find yourself "falling asleep" and sitting up looking at your physical body.

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