How do you astral travel?

Joshua Fama Asked: How do you astral travel?

I've been practicing astral projection yet I still can't successfully project


CatSamuel Answered:
Lubricant helps.

Methane Mama Answered:
First, hit your head really hard.

Thomas L Answered:
You can involve a mixture of gin+marijuana

Anonut Answered:

The Beat Answered:
Sit back with Buddha sack and turn on Quasimoto's "The Unseen."

Anonymous Answered:
You shouldn't have watched Insidious.

Max Answered:
On an astral plane?:)

WhenJustice Answered:
Take lots of melatonin (health supplement sleep aid) and LSD (illegal). It works every time.

Eragon Dovahkiin Answered:
Ill use an answer I did a couple of weeks ago pertaining to astral projection.

It's a way of using the mind and soul to perform in a higher plane of existence meditation is required at first to train the mind to do this task.

this is the site I learned about it.

It explains it in pretty good detail.

EDIT:The first method might be a a little hard to understand, chakras are represented as spinning wheels of different colors lining down your body. You need to visualize someone/yourself turning these wheels(in this case like a door knob) about 1/4 of a rotation in the opposite direction you originally visualized the wheels spinning.

The Chakras

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