How can i achieve astral projection – obe.?

Dr Gee Asked: How can i achieve astral projection – obe.?

WTF! Have you seen insidious?!I'd never try that sht!


Mehhatetyou Answered:
Why do you want to? Not a rhetorical question. I really want you to ask yourself why you want to. Would if fix something in your life?

Anyway, I imagine the answer has something to do with A) almost dying or B) getting really good at lucid dreaming or C) lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of meditation. Of course, B is no walk in the park either. And A has it's downside as well.

Made of Atoms Answered:
I dont know, but I want to know the answer too

My bad for leeching off your question.

Jay Answered:
Try catching the next rocket or space shuttle launch into space… that's the only way I know of.

Servant Leader Answered:
Drink drain cleaner.

DrNice Guy Answered:
There's a danger you will feel very silly when you figure out astral projection isn't real.

Thomas E Answered:
None that I know of. Have fun.

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