Help with lucid dreaming induction?

Asked: Help with lucid dreaming induction?

For the past few months, I've been reading, reading, and reading about lucid dreaming. I've tried the WBTB technique. I've only had success once, but it was short lived. Recently, I've been experimenting with binaural beats. I used them to stay conscious and mentally awake. However, everytime I use these, I end up laying there for 30 or 40 minutes without Hypnagogia or sleep paralysis kicking in. I've read somewhere that it's best to attempt lucid dreams a little while after waking or in the afternoons. I've tried both times and the hypnagogia or hallucinations never kick in. I'll have some loss of body awareness or I'll feel like I've slept for years when I get up but never any success.

So my question is, what am I doing wrong? What should I do?


Download some binaural beats to listen to whilst you sleep, this worked for me but I find there's a correlation between creativity and this actually working so if you aren't the most creative or "open minded' person do not be disheartened.

I have no idea what you're doing. But, what you should do is remember your dreams and "day dream" when you're in bed and are falling asleep (before you fall asleep). You should also ask yourself if you're dreaming (make it a habit)

Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you've been consistent, you'll have a dream where you jump into the air. But in dreams, we don't just drop back to the ground, we float back down. Then you'll know you're in a dream.

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