Help?? Lucid Dreaming!? And these Dreams….?

Windmaker87 Asked: Help?? Lucid Dreaming!? And these Dreams….?

I keep dreaming of death traps, like the other night i had a dream that a man was hunting me down, then a spider lady eating me and last night my house was demonic and i almost made it out and then failed, so yeah and in every dream i realize I'm asleepand tell myself to wake up.
What could this mean?
And can i control it with something called Lucid Dreaming..?


Edward Answered:
Lucid Dreaming is pretty different. What you had is called a nightmare, and not a lucid dream. In a Lucid Dream you probadly could do more. But if you realized it in the beginning, maybe. I suggest you to register on DreamViews.

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