Having Fun Exploring Visual Details Of Lucid Dreams

Distorted Details Of A FlowerSomething I have been playing with in lucid dreams lately is proving to be very interesting.  It is tied closely to how the MILD technique works, but I think I am taking it to a different level.  Basically, I noticed that I have been paying closer attention to the details of objects in my dreams.  If you are a lucid dreamer you will understand this, but even regular dreams have this behavior.  You have very likely noticed how things in the dream world are often distorted.  For some reason we are not shocked by this at all while we are dreaming.  I think that is because our minds are working out certain pieces of information we have accumulated and the rest are filled with abstractions.  In other words, if there is a lamp in our dream environment, it doesn’t matter that it is oddly shaped or has some strange feature; we are satisfied that there is a lamp and it is playing the role of a lamp just fine.  Since it’s not the center of the main point of the dream, the details are no big deal.

However, this gets interesting if you are a lucid dreamer and can actually make the mental choice to take a good look at dream objects.  This is what I have been doing lately.  As you may now, one of the ways to sort of help yourself to realize you are dreaming is to try to look at something you are very familiar with; such as your hands or a clock.  What is supposed to happen is that you will see your hand and notice how odd it looks and that will trigger you to recognize that you are dreaming.  The catch is that you need to be alert enough to make the effort to look in the first place and the irony is that if you are alert enough in the first place to manage to purposefully look at something in your dream with the intention to determine if you are dreaming, then you are already pretty much aware that you are dreaming.

If you have been lucid dreaming for any decent amount of time; that is, long enough to be able to recognize that you are dreaming with some level of ease, then this is not such a struggle.  I challenge you, though, to try to take a closer look at things while you are lucid dreaming.  Not only does it provide you with more of a sense of wonder, but I feel like it solidifies the recognition that you are dreaming.  I know that even when I am aware that I am dreaming, I still seem to be on the threshold of not being in total control.

The items that are most difficult to make sense of in a dream are things with writing on them; although, it seems that the more I try, the clearer written things are becoming.  Anything like a clock or watch or cell phone is difficult to make details of.  The other funny thing that happens when looking at the more difficult things is that while I am examining them, sometimes they start to get clearer.  I think my mind is essentially filling in the blanks and blurs with more concrete information.  Even when it becomes clearer, there is still quite a bit of abstraction between what something looks like and what it means in the dream.

I remember in one of my lucid dreams, I was searching through these odd sort of huts looking for clues.  There were people all around waiting for me to find something very special that would trigger an event in the dream.  Sorry to be so vague, but that is how that dream was unfolding… very vaguely.  What was neat was that as I was going from hut to hut, I was riffling through all sorts of items I had found.  Little things on tables and in containers.  There was furniture that I was moving around.  I also notice that since we move as fast as our thoughts in the dream state that it further distorts the surroundings.  So, it is another layer to fight through when trying to slow down long enough to look at small or insignificant things in the dream.

I would love to hear from other people on how they handle examining insignificant things in their dreams.  Please feel free to write to me or put a comment here on on the facebook page.  I’m always happy to share tips and experiences, but I would also love to learn from others too.

Have fun dreaming!

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