Have you ever had a lucid dream and did you use your lucidity to control it?

Leanne Asked: Have you ever had a lucid dream and did you use your lucidity to control it?

I am interested in this subject and although have found a lot of theoretical information about how to do it, have found very little evidence of people successfully doing it.If you have had even one lucid dream, please share what you dreamed and whether you just stayed aware or did you control what happened.

My own experience (from many years ago before I even knew there was a name for it) – I found myself in a shopping centre and realised I was dreaming.I stopped what was currently happening and decided to steal from shops for fun since no retribution could harm me.After shoplifting from various places the police arrived and chased me, which I found highly amusing.But halfway through the chase scene I forgot i was dreaming and became terrified, because they were about to get me and they were corrupt and vicious.


Lucas W Answered:
Look, lucid dreams are not some magical thing that makes you in complete control of any dream and you can do whatever you want. The control comes on and off, and most you dont even remember. Hope this helps!

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