Has anyone tried lucid dreaming?

Camila Asked: Has anyone tried lucid dreaming?

I have read about lucid dreaming and know alot about it now and i want to try it, but just wondering if anyone else has, and if it works?


Steven Answered:
OMG I freaking love lucid dreaming. Basically, while your dreaming, you realize that you are in a dream. And you can do WHATEVER you want. Its AMAZING. Its near impossible to control, it just sorta happens. Ive done so about 5 times in my life.

Tori Cerda Answered:
I actually had a lucid dream once, it was weird and it happened a long time ago… but I realized something was wrong… different then it should be and all the sudden realized I was dreaming I could control myself in the dream before I woke up too! It was pretty crazy.. but it feels like every time I've tried to do the same since I had the dream… I can't.

evilcompton Answered:
i did it once when i was little it was kind of cool. At first i saw it on johnny bravo lol but yea it was by accident.I tried it again a few months ago but couldn't.

Angel Hernandez Answered:
Yeah by accident. Got it after watching Inception.

PaigeePoo Answered:
It happens to me all the time.
Once you're able to do it you have to be careful though because if you change too much stuff it'll wake you up =O

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