Freaky Alien Planet Dream I Had

Freaky Alien DreamThis was like my typical lucid dreams in terms of the level of lucidity.  Most of the time I am semi-lucid; as I call it.  I’m not fully controlling the dream and I am not just along for the ride.  It’s somewhere in the middle.  I have the confidence that comes from being aware of dreaming and I can tell that I am making active decisions in the dream.

I don’t remember how the dream started, but I wound up in a strange environment with people whom I think are friends or family, but I don’t recognize them in the dream.  We came across what reminds me of a huge stone temple.  There are many passage ways and strange symbols on the walls and ground.  For some reason we became trapped there.  At some point it became apparent that there were odd creatures living in the temple.  They reminded me of the squid-like young-lings that hatched out of the eggs from the movie “Alien“.

Once we discovered that we weren’t alone, we started to barricade the entrances that we could find.  There is a certain portion of the dream that became a little bit like a video game.  I’m a gamer, so I’m not at all surprised at this.  During our attempts to barricade ourselves in from the creatures roaming about, one of the people in the group decided to combine some of the objects and bio-material he found to make his own version of the alien.  Of course, while in the dream this made perfect sense, but being awake, it is completely ridiculous.  Anyway, this sort of bio-robotic creature springs to life.  He sends it into one of the main areas where there seems to be useful resources like food and tools.

The little bio-robotic creation comes back after a while with nothing.  Then in a sarcastic fit of whimsy, the guy that created the creature shoots and kills it with no remorse.  Everyone else, including myself, was offended, but at the same time relieved that we didn’t have to deal with this oddly created creature.

Then there comes a point in the dream where the creatures start trying to get to where we are and through our barricades.  We start to scramble to find safety.  Weirdly the walls start to grow and close in on us.  We end up losing a couple of people who could not get through the cracks and holes that are quickly closing as the stone-like material of the walls continue to expand.

We manage to escape in a vehicle that I had not noticed before.  That is how dreams go sometimes though; stuff just appears as needed.  We decide to make a stop, but I can’t remember exactly why.  Maybe for a pee-break; not sure.  While we are stopped, we see a shadowy movement nearby.  As we inch closer to see if we can make out what it is, it suddenly starts to chase after us.  We don’t even have time to get into the car as this thing which is moving along the ground too fast for us to recognize gains on us.

At this point of the dream, I have built up enough adrenaline in my system that the dream content starts to fade away.  This is another sign of lucid dreaming.  Before I started lucid dreaming, that kind of scenario would have woken me up in panic.  Your fight-or-flight function of the body is still quite intact while dreaming, so while it is easier to maintain control in a lucid dream, adrenaline can still get the best of you and bring you out of the dream state.

Anyway, that is all I could manage to recall this time around.  I remember it was quite an awesome and exciting lucid dream, but they fade so quickly once you wake up.  I haven’t tried too hard to beef up my dream recall skills, so I am hoping that by sharing the lucid dreams on this blog that my recall will get better.

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