Entity body snatching during astral projection normal?

Paul Asked: Entity body snatching during astral projection normal?

I recently reached a higher level of astral projection,very strong now. When I came back to my body it was destroying things in my room. Climbing up the walls. Making a lot of noise. Kinda scared me. Help?


Dreamstuff Entity Answered:
I did no such thing.

Yuri Sergeyevich Answered:
i do not understand, what exactly find youstrange ?

Go On Up Answered:
It was just Satan

Tomo Answered:
Drugs are bad .. mmmkay

Mel Gibson Answered:
Were there any empty Tequila Bottles in the room when you woke up?

Blodwenbogbrush Answered:
Oh, the perils of masturbation!
Quit now while you still only need reading glasses!

Tempus Erus Answered:
this a delusion buddhism states that astral travel does exists entity do occur but that they stay on their plane and has no help on you since you do astral projection i am assuming theospy which is based on buddhism buddhism is anceint psychology go see a shrink buddy your crazy

Narco Lounger Droid 790 Answered:
When you woke up in your physical body, did you actually suddenly find yourself attached to the wall or did you find yourself in your bed?

It kinda sounds to me like you were having an internal hallucination, a lucid dream that you had no control of, not genuine astral projection.

I do know that you are not your physical body, and that your body does have a mind of its own, known as a "corporeal mind."

Many astral projectors who've floated out of their bodies claim that they look down at their physical body, and since they are attached to their physical body by a silver cord, they're therefore connected to their body. Their body then knows when the astral self is no longer present and so the eyes of the physical body might suddenly open. Kinda spooky!!

I say you had a vivid dream that was out of control, and not a genuine astral projection.

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