Did i have a lucid dream last night?

Kegan Ess Asked: Did i have a lucid dream last night?

ok so last night i was very tired so i went to bed. i cant remember if i was even thinkin bout lucid dreaming. but i woke up in my dream and i had a very weird vibration feeling in my body. as soon as i woke up in my dream i instantly knew i was in a lucid dream. i felt awake. when i pushedmy finger in my hand it didnt go through. i looked in a mirror and seen myself with a weir shaped face and red eyes. them i used a force choke on my act. was i in a lucid dream? or just a regular dream? oh, and i was very tired in the dream


UnexistandMind Answered:
Yes, I would say it was lucid but you lacked control. I have these dreams very often actually. Im always feeling so tired and heavy in them, even though I know that it is just a dream. It is a lucid dream.

Alan Borky Answered:
Kegan, everything appearing weird's often a powerful sign you went lucid – be warned, though, it can happen while you're awake and then things get very interesting indeed…so long as you hold your nerve, (check out, for instance, AIWS Alice in Wonder Land Syndrome).

But it can also happen in very subtle ways you can't quite put your finger on – a girl friend of mine had this nightmare where nothing happened yet she screamed the house down.

I made her go through the details, starting with the moment she entered her bedroom, which was when she started to get frightened, even though the bedroom looked perfectly normal."You say you entered the bedroom like normal," I said, "Describe everything the way you saw it…"When she'd finished I pointed out as she entered the bedroom she could see her bedroom door diagonally opposite her on the far side of the room – how was that possible unless her bedroom has two doors, which it hasn't?

That's when she realised what'd freaked her out was she'd entered the room by walking through the street wall two floors up!

The tiredness thing's also indicative of a lucid dream, except you're trying to use your dream body like if it's a flesh and blood body, rather than simply using it as if it's a sort of magic carpet which does anything and goes anywhere you want it to by simply intending it to, i.e., don't think about how to fly, just aim yourself in some direction and dive upwards.

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