Day 22 of 30 (Alpha Brain Review) Case Study of ONNIT’s New Formula Nootropic

Use Coupon Code: GET10OFF for a 10% Discount on All ONNIT Products: You can check out a google doc I put together of the times I took Alpha Brain and the effects it had during the day: To watch all 30 videos from start to finish smoothly click the link below: 7:30am- Woke up No Lucid Dreams 9am- Took 1 alpha brain pill on an empty stomach 10am- Haven't noticed anything different. Ate a sandwich. 10:30am-12pm- Did research for Comic Con toys to sell on ebay. Still haven't noticed any difference from 1 pill 1pm-3pm- Tried working but felt really lazy and not as motivated. 4pm- Took 2nd Alpha Brain Pill after eating a chicken bake with chips and salsa. 4:30pm- Starting to notice a difference in focus and started knocking out emails and calls. 5pm- Worked out for 20 minutes. Felt dizzy and tired afterward. 5:30pm- Took a shower and still feeling light headed 6:30- Catching up on work and feeling more balanced out now. I definitely think working out helps enhance it. 8:30am- Fell asleep on the couch watching George Carlin 1:30am-4:30am- Woke up and got a lot of work done and was able to focus more

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