Dangers of sleep paralysis?

Asked: Dangers of sleep paralysis?

I have been researching lucid dreaming for a short while and it's very interesting though i came across a topic called sleep paralysis.
Something where you wake up paralyzed and you see stuff out of the ordinary and have frightening hallucinations for a few seconds to a few minutes.
I then became very cautious, slept with my light on, and avoided anything known to cause sleep paralysis such as binaural beats before sleeping and trying to lucid dream/lucid dreaming techniques cause i know i have two GREAT fears possibly my only fears but they frighten me more than anything else.. I'm even too frightened to mention these two fears right now. I know I'll have a heart attack or go into a panic attack Even at the age of 16 or something from seeing **** like this and having sleep paralysis.
But i still would like to try and lucid dream…
Could anyone tell me the dangers of sleep paralysis, binaural beats, and lucid dreaming?
Or ways of preventing sleep paralysis?
Anything you know should help.


I often have lucid dreams. I actually quite surprised at how aware I am when I'm dreaming. Almost always I can tell if I'm in a dream or not. I don't know much about the dangers of sleep paralysis, but, it was definitely the most frightening and surreal experience I have ever had. I was trapped, my body was shut down but my mind was awake. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. So for the few minutes I was just stuck there, unable to move at all.

DONT DO IT!!! i first did lucid dreaming when i was 6years old It was like nothing i have her seen Im 23 and went to aghganistan and the thing i saw when i was 6 is still the worse thing i have saw!. Dont lucid dream just dont! When I lucid dreamed i watch storm troppers before i went asleep it was more llike a lucid nightmare i was on the battlefield like the movie (i was 6) i was so scared i saw people dying grusomly then all i know is that im being chased then i fall over and get attacked and i just wouldnt die but i could feel the pain i got tossed away i stood up i cried and screamed shouted i want to wake up wake up but i just couldnt then i could feel my body in my bed but i was still dreaming it was like i was being possessed because i was moving trying to wake myself up. That went on for 5 hours everything until my step grandad comes in i feel him moving me trying to wake me up then he throws water on me then i feel myself drowning then i wake up choking on the water i look at my arm and i have this massive burn and a cut on my chin they have both become scars which i still have and it was the worst i never want to do that again i take sleeping pills anytime i feel like i may do it again to make sure i dont. DONT lucid dream because you cant control what happens.

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  1. c says:

    Lucid dreaming is awesome, Have the mindset that you can conquer anything. Your power in your dreams is beyond anything that your sub conscience can conjure. Just remembering that is the problem.. haha.. Sleep paralysis happens from time to time, just don’t be scared of it. I just sit there and try to jolt my body outta bed and eventually it always works. The trick for mastering lucid dreaming is facing and fighting everything in it that frightens you. The person above said “you cant control what happens”, that is a lie… You can control everything in your lucid dream. Regarding the 5 hour sleep paralysis.. well that would suck.. but you were a kid it was probally only 5 mins, felt like 5 hours..

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