Charmed Season 8 // Opening Credits {PREVIEW}

Hey Everyone, I know I was set on finishing my 'Charmed Season 8 Opening Credits' but since Bobby (AwakenedWitch) uploaded is INCREDIBLY TREMENDOUS 'Season 8 Opening Credits' I feel that have no need to complete mine because I know I can't get any better or should I say 'As Nearly Good' as Bobby's Opening. I hope you guys understand, because this is just a preview and this is maybe all your going to get :( But if you want me to continue please say :) Powers Changed: Phoebe – Orbing Piper – Telekineses/Deflection Paige – Astral Projection and Billie – Molcular Acceleration with Christy – Shimmer Leo – Force Feild also Henry – Premontion and indroducing Coop – Molcular Break *Also I hope you guys like the masking and Visual Effects :) I tried very hard 😉 &! I also used my own colouring & trihorn (which isn't very good) and some new effects, I tried to keep everything original 😉 NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I do not make any profits from it either, making this video legal to post under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Thanks for watching 😉

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