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Share Your Lucid Dream Stories With Us And The World

We would like to share your lucid dreaming stories with the world. Lucid dreams are amazing to experience and are exciting to read about. We would also like to use these as a learning tool for others who are trying to have lucid dreams. Send your stories to us and we will review and post them.

How To Lucid Dream Tonight

You can learn how to lucid dream tonight. Some simple tips to help you train yourself to lucid dream and even experience one on your first try.

Lucid Dreaming Technique Confirmed: Look At Your Hands!

Looking at your hands while in a dream really does seem to work for causing you to realize you are dreaming. I did it and plan to do it a lot more.

Smile To Keep Lucid Dreaming

Smiling can help you to stay in your dream and allow you to keep lucid dreaming longer. It is something that has worked for me for years. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin into the body which are “feel good” chemicals that help you relax. Sometimes the content of dreams can cause the dream to become afraid or excited which releases adrenaline into the body which can easily cause the dreamer to awaken.

I am a WILD Lucid Dreamer

Techniques found to be best for people who do not get a lot of sleep but would like to explore lucid dreaming.

Inception is a Great Movie

Small review of a great movie; “Inception”. Lucid dreaming is the environment for a great story and a exciting ride through the dream world.

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