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Is Lucid Dreaming A Sin?

I have a personal interest in lucid dreaming and so I do my own research and experiments.  I like to share my findings and give my opinions and get into discussions about this topic.  I recently ran across a question asking, “Is lucid dreaming a sin?”.  My immediate reaction to this question was...

Is Lucid Dreaming Real?

I see this question asked from time to time and it always kind of puzzles me.  However, I can understand why someone would ask, “Is lucid dreaming real?”.  To someone who has never experienced it and has heard someone describe it, it must seem pretty unbelievable. From my own experience, I can...

Using Meditation To Induce Lucid Dreaming

Meditation can be used as a type of lucid dreaming induction. To become better at lucid dreaming, it is necessary to focus the mind to some degree in order to be prepared prior to dreaming. Meditation is a very useful and effective way to prepare the mind. When you can focus your intentions, as meditation allows you to do, lucid dreaming is easier to induce.

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

The short answer is “No”, however, it also depends on your definition of “dangerous”.

Lucid dreaming is merely the realization that one is dreaming. That alone is not dangerous. People sometimes confuse lucid dreaming for other sleep activity such as astral projection or out of body experiences (OBE’s). Venturing beyond lucid dreaming may be considered as having more of a risk, but that is for another post. For this post, let us focus on lucid dreaming.

Active vs. Passive Lucid Dreaming

There are two main types of lucid dreaming. Active Lucid Dreaming is when the dreaming takes control of a dream and makes decisions that alters or guides the dream. Passive Lucid Dreaming is when the dreamer realizes they are dreaming, but continues to remain at the whim of the dream. In other words, the dream does not attempt to control the dream, but rather just witnesses the dream.

“Wolf Poodles” by Anthony Hall

While dreaming one night in early January 2011, I was having one of my usual moderately controlled dreams. At one point, I was walking through a very large rustic cabin-style house. The inside of the house seemed very large. Much larger than what you expect to see for a cabin-style house. There was furniture all over the place. It almost seemed like too much furniture. Each room had too many couches and chairs and tables to be appropriate.

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