Can we use lucid dreaming to study for tests and practicing instruments?

John Asked: Can we use lucid dreaming to study for tests and practicing instruments?

For example, a person learns to lucid dream very well. He knows the piano very well, and has been playing since he was little. While lucid, he plays a piano and learns all of the keys and practices exercises for hours and hours, while it is only very little time in real life. Will the person wake up and be able to play better over time. I realize that this would take a great amount of control in your dream and time to master. That's why many people only talk about practicing a sport. Some athletes have practiced their bat swing or servinga tennis ball while lucid dreaming. Will this genuinely help them at all, or is it all vanity? I have a friend who lucid dreamt about driving a car, and he claims he aced his drivers test. Anyways, do you think it's possible for someone to study for a huge vocabulary test or something else while lucid, and actually have a desirable outcome?


FigureSkater Answered:
thats an interesting idea,..

Death Penalty Baby Answered:
I'm sure that would be the case.. I once went to bed thinking about my car that was broke down and worked on it while sleeping and when i awoke, went right out to the car, and removed the starter and replaced the solonoid, and the problem was solved… I never even hesitated, but I did not have the answer yet, prior to going to bed.

Alexis Answered:
I'm a whatever

gimme yo FudgeeO Answered:
Yes. Yes. And yes.

A Little Curious Answered:
Nope. Gays aren't real.
Nope. Astral projection isn't real.
Yup. Every once in a while I can.

Kagos Answered:
Yes I am gay, and no, I have not experienced either one.

Des Answered:

Almost all of my dreams are lucid, once that ability is mastered, it's hard not to take control.

DrFrog can fly Answered:
You ask me if I'm gay and then tell me not to answer?

Shawn B Answered:
I'm bi-curious; does that count?

I've had tons of lucid dreams. Not astral projection.Also a lot of sleep paralysis.

DawnkeyWuvsU Answered:
I am Gay and I have read a lot about Astral Projections, but I don't project. I think it is a gift and so few people can do it. I have very vivid dreams, sometimes about people who I could swear I have never met.

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