Can performing astral projection bring a demon into your house?

Brian Asked: Can performing astral projection bring a demon into your house?

I was trying to do it one night and i really close but i stopped because i got scared. then i heard a loud bang upstairs and my dogs and cats ran downstairs with me and jumped on my lap and the dog was barking at the stairs and the cat was hissing. and another time idid it i opened my eyes and i think i saw a shadow figure near my bed but i just told myself i was seeing things. freaked out a little after watching insidious a little help/advice!


God forgot to evolve me Answered:
No, the supernatural isn't real.

Turn Off the Lights Answered:
This sounds like the Poltergeist or some sh*t

EventHorizon Answered:
However, if you are not careful, you can become "lost". That is if you are disturbed or someone finds you and thinks you are in a coma, it is possible they can break the connection by moving you before you return. Other things can happen too so only try it where you are safe and not likely to be disturbed, or have someone you trust in the house with you who can keep watch.

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