can astral travellers meet up in the astral plane?

Dan Weaver Asked: can astral travellers meet up in the astral plane?

my fiancee and i were going through a rough patch and separated several months ago.things are getting better but she moved two hundred miles away with our son after our break up.since we both have leases on our homes, we won't be able to be together again (more than just a day a week) until january and we both brought up the idea of dating on the astral plane.we've both been interested in astral projection but neither one have tried it.

is it possible for two astral travellers to meet up in the astral plane?or does every traveller have their own separate plane that is unique to them?


inteleyes Answered:
Yes you both can meet, I have done it with my spirit guide, a woman I knew from a past life.

But when you astral travel, you cannot control where you go, as your spirit takes excursions on it's own…'s up to your spirit to control where it goes… my answer is yes it's possible since I have done it at the time I didn't know for sure if she existed….I thought it was a dream until years later she made herself known to me, as she came to visit me for four years, and we communicated, she has helped me out a lot, and at that time I was having more out of body experiences.

Donie J Answered:
Yes you can meet others on the astral plane.But the astral plane is HUGE so finding your fiancee isn't going to be that easy.And also you have to learn about astral projection first before you go running off onto the astral plane.

joehawkins57 Answered:
First off there is no astral plane. There are beings not of this planet that would like you to believe you can separate you soul from you body but when you remove the soul so to speak then both are dead. Those beings are partners with the first deceiver. Satan the Devil in the bible. It is going along with his first lie in Genesis that he told Eve in the Garden of Eden. That the soul never dies is a lie because Adam did not even become a living soul until he had life breathed into him by our creator. (In English I refer to him as Jehovah God Psalms 83:18 KJV, not the new KJV)

Before I got into the bible I was into all this astral travel and etc. You have to reach a state of a blank mind. In other words your allowing demons to take control of your thoughts and mind and even body if they want too. They can project visions of whatever they want you to see in your minds eye and you will feel like it is real too you. Satan wants man to think he can never die. It was his first lie to Eve. He lied about our creator, But Adam and Eve both rebelled and thus they are dead and their souls are dead forever. They where perfect and made the wrong choice knowing the consequences where death. The bible says a day to God is a thousand years to mankind. No man has lived more than a thousand years. Adam and Eve did not live that long either. They will not be resurrected on that day of Judgment because they where already perfect and made the wrong choice. All mankind inherited their imperfection after they made the wrong choice and has died off with shorter and shorter lives and more imperfections as the generations continue to this day. Jesus gave his perfect life to buy us out of this imperfect state we are in which gives us a chance to live forever and grow to perfection after Armageddon has happened and a thousand years of peace without Satan and his demons ruining the world. Then Satan will one more time be let louse in the world and many will rebel and follow him one more time then all those along with Satan and his followers will be destroyed once and for all permanently then it will be back to peace and tranquility on earth for eternity. Everyone will be perfect.

Without the body there is no soul. So without the soul or you in the body the body dies. Ecclesiastes 9:5 & 10 When you die your have no thoughts and there is no way you can meet anyone without thinking? Right?

I know churches try to teach that your soul is eternal and lives forever. The Bible itself does not teach that. That tells you something about those churches though.

mateo Answered:
a woman i met at a conference told me about her astral projection experience one day and i told her i had the ability.she gave me a call that night and told me she would be there to meet me later.sure enough it happened.we have met up on many ocassions during astral projection.she's way older and age and more night she took me to a place called the hall of records.if you havent been to the hall of records during astral projection try to find a way.the hall of records has everything thats ever happened on record and it's like a eternal library of what really happened in the past and who we really are.i also know people that meet up during astral projection and get together and pray for the world.they say it seems to help.

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