Can anyone tell me the symptons of lucid dreaming ?

Asked: Can anyone tell me the symptons of lucid dreaming ?

Can anyone tell me the symptoms of lucid dreaming ? .. I hv been trying it from days but still I can't learn.. but I wanted to know if it have some symptoms


the primary sympton is awareness in your dreams, once you earn about astral projection your gonna say "fck lucid dreaming"

When you control your dream. First ot helps to write dreams down then youll remember them.Once that happens when you dream, you sometimes dream the same thing or similar things, then you'll realize you're dreaming and can try to control it. What works for me is when i have nightmares/terrors i relize i have sleep paralysis and then try to control it. But it takes practice. I can only make random colors appear on very rare occasions. But symptoms will be this: realize you are dreaming. And then controlling it.

To be a lucid dreamer you have to be aware that you are dreaming and interact with the dream, or dream anything you want.
I become aware that I am dreaming and it is euphoric and sometimes bizzare.
before I have a flying dream I feel a tingling in my brain and I feel weightless and im flying , it almost seems like im a spirit and I go into random houses and knock on windows and I dint know very very weird and im controlling all if the dream.
You cant learn to dream lucid.
its just how some peoples brains are wired.
Dreams are still quite an animole.

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