Astral Projection:what are the dangers?

John Asked: Astral Projection:what are the dangers?

Is there any possibillity i will see things from my subconcious while im doing theastral project?How can i avoid them?Am i going to see things that are real?Or only things from my imagination?What dangers are there when im doing it?And how do i return in my body?Is there any possibillity i wont be able to return!!???


theright1allthetime Answered:
Astral projection isn't the will of God under mystical pretenses. If you're not careful you could end up exposing yourself to demonic possession, end up in a coma, or even allow your spirit to fall prey to homosexual or heterosexual relations by others who are in the OBE state as well. It's best to receive Jesus Christ into your heart and if you focus on God and receive his Holy Spirit he will take you where he wants to when he wants to. This I know for sure.

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