astral projection? tips, risks, what is it?

Nina Richardson Asked: astral projection? tips, risks, what is it?

i'm thinking of doing astral projection. has anyone done it? how do you do it? does it lead to hauntings or possession or anything? is it possible to never be able to get back to your body? what happened to you? and also…whats the point? like, where do you go? future or something?


Ortax the Merciless Answered:
What are you, 12? Astral projection is BS

Naomi Nakataru Answered:
I wish I could help you, but I'm still trying.
You shouldn't be asking these kind of questions here, you'll just get troll answers.
Here's a good website for help: www://

Some dude Answered:
I'd read an actual book on the subject written by a competent author of whom you can easily find other people's reviews on that person's material.Such as on Amazon.I suggest William Buhlman and Robert Monroe, I'm sure there's plenty of other authors who can teach you.But my combined reading of those 2 led to my own learning and success.

Lexical Answered:
Astral projection is the belief that you can initiate a departure from your corporeal body and your celestial/energy body can travel unhindered, usually during sleep (and sometimes during near death experiences). There have been many books written on the subject. I have had dreams that feel like astral project where I have flown around Earth (and the next day I had friends tell me, before I said anything, that they heard me talking to them or thought they did but it was "just their imagination")- who knows. Some tips are to remain perfectly still and let your body think it's asleep (sleep paralysis). Apparently it can take a long time to achieve this state. Some people say they will ask themselves through the day "Am I awake or is this a dream?" so it becomes a subconscious habit. Then when they are dreaming they ask themselves that question and become aware that they are dreaming (this is a lucid dream, the first step for many to an out of body experience, which is considered the precursor of astral projection).

I ca not say for sure, obviously, if I have astrally projected or just had very intense, vivid lucid dreams where I fly around. I have flown, in my dreams, to different dimensions and hovered, flown over oceans, etc…. sort of like that scene in "The Never-ending Story" where Bastion is riding Falkor. Could very well be a dream though.

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