Astral projection tips?

Asked: Astral projection tips?

I've attempted and failed at astral projection. Before I go on any further, I'm saying astral projection, not lucid dreaming. I've attempted several times, but I always get the urge to just turn on my side. I can't seem to lie on my back for a long time because it gets uncomfortable after a while. Do you have to be on your back for astral projection?


If you have never tried binaural beats to help aid in astral projection I would highly recommend them. I always am on my back and doing breath meditation to enter astral states.Here is a good binaural beat that could help;

They also have free downloads of all their youtube videos as MP3's on the website

It's not essential, but there is consensus that it's the best position (lying on your left hand side is second best).According to a couple of large scale studies, 80% of all sleep paralysis takes places in the supine position.The relevance of this is that sleep paralysis and projection occur simultaneously – whether you're in or out determines which of your two bodies' perspectives you're conscious of at any given moment.Taking a long time to drop off on your back actually works in your favour, because it lengthens the transition period between waking and sleeping, which is your useful window for mind-awake, body-asleep states of consciousness.

One useful thing to bear in mind is that it's entirely possible to feel the need to roll over without realizing that you're already out of body.Instead of rolling over and passing out, try rotating in a physically impossible direction first.Sometimes you can manage it…

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