Astral projection? Tips?

Lazy Tortoise Asked: Astral projection? Tips?

I have been trying to astral project for a while but I keep getting scared right as im about to leave my body, especially because im constantly reminded of that insidious movie, are there tips to help me, and are there any side effects if I do leave my body?


Marathon Answered:
You should get ready to be flamed. Look up on google, there are lots of forums for this kind of thing

Dreamstuff Entity Answered:
Here's a hint:

Anybody who can prove astral projection is real can claim James Randi's one million dollars.

Nobody has even tried.

BrokenEye Reaper Madness Answered:
I find it very amusing that every single question about astral projecting is one wondering why it doesn't work. Know why it doesn't work? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Jennifer Divonna Answered:
Chain your body to a fire hydrant or bike rack, so that it is not stolen when you leave it unattended.

Yes, don't forget to take out travel insurance

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