Astral Projection Stories and tips?

emme6678 Asked: Astral Projection Stories and tips?

I know most the stuff about it. But im very impatient and its hard for me to sit still and quietly and to not think about anything! Any tips on how I can just relax and not think about anything. Also, what are your astral projection methods and have any stories about where you went and what you did? THANKS!(:


Avalon Ichimaru Answered:
dude,i wasnt seelping long enough to actually be asleep,but i asrtal projected and i seen all these demon-looking things in my houwse!i was so scared i ran back….to….me….i guess thats how it would end lol

inteleyes Answered:
Some of the times I have seen, communicated and had a fight with spirits while out of body, I once traveled and met a old friend from a past life.

For me it happens when I am asleep, but in all the ways it happens the key is to slow down your breathing that will slow down your heart rate…..and don't drink much coffee….you want to slow your heart rate down not speed it up……your fast heart rate is what holds in your spirit~

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