Astral Projection steps?

Ericca Asked: Astral Projection steps?

I've been attempting to Astral Project for about the past week now. The most instense phase I've gone through yet is this: I go through the deep relaxation stage, and I feel as if my hands are being pulled upward. After this has happened, my heart rate increases immensely. I feel short tingles, moving from time to time. Is this my astral body trying to exit? And if so, what should I do? I know about the exit method, and the rope method wasn't working for me. What should I do? Thanks!


Pull My Finger Answered:
1. Realize that astral projection is not real.

Stoneriffic Atheist Answered:
Astra Projection = Fake/Gay

HonestPhilosopher Answered:
Hon,Right as you are dozing off say HUUUUUUU….This will induce it,but when you are out walking,dogs can still see you.

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