astral projection question?

erikaaDD Asked: astral projection question?

guys, im shaking right now. I like need to get a grip of reality. Let me explain.. about 10 minutes ago, I tried to astro project. For some time i've wanted to try this, but i was scared. but i did a lot of research today about it and i finally got the courage to do it. there are pleanty of different methods to do this, but i stuck with the simple one and just simply relaxed myself and took deep breaths. Followed the basic rules, then after about 2-3 minutes, i began to feel tingly, but that didnt scare me. i knew that was gonna happen. But, then after a few seconds, my body was completely stiff and i couldnt move at all, and my heart was beating really fast, it was really scaring me. But i continued the process. I thought i was going to die. I swear. I put up with it until i felt extremely weak, yet i was still so stiff. I felt like i was going to pop. After that, i couldnt take it anymore and i opened my eyes and i couldnt tell if i was awake or asleep, and my heart was still beating and my muscles started to relax and i felt my heart pound. As im writing this, im shaking because i havent experience anything such as that before. What was that? was i really in the process? what was going to happen? Astro Projectors, what was going on? was it normal? please tell me, maybe i can do it again. I just want to know, thanks.


Jenkins Answered:
Probably sleep paralysis, not some stupid astral projection supernatural bullcrap.

Sheiky Baby Answered:
ok. call a doctor

chokocanyon Answered:
You hyperventilated and then induced some self-hypnotic hysteria. Good job!

Peace Joy and Hope SDA Answered:
Your are messing with the wrong power. It is after you for keeps, unless it already has you. The power doesn't love you, and it will get real frightening soon, as it gets more demanding of you. It is the demonic forces that are involved. If you are ready to get out, call out to Jesus the Son of God, and He will save you.

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