Video edit: Jaime Topaz ASTRAL PROJECTION – Let There Be Light Writen, Programmed, Produced & Arranged by : Avi Nissim & Lior Perlmutter Published : Trust In Trance Record Astral Projection is an Israeli music group, which makes Psychedelic Trance. Astral Projection in 1994 by the artist Avi Nissim, Lior Perlmutter, Yaniv Haviv and Guy Sebbag established. Guy Sebbag left the group the same year, to his solo career. After the release of the album Dancing Galaxy Yaniv Haviv took a different musical direction and lifestyle Astral Projection and left in late 1997. Apart from their extensive discography (mostly with Phonokol, Transient and their own record company, which merged with Phonokol Trust in Trance), the group has a broad agenda with wereldtourneeën. The software company People Can Fly has chosen its name to the same piece of Astral Projection, on the album Trust in Trance is available in two versions. Taken together were produced nine albums, the last TEN in 2004 was issued. With their rapid and innovative style has produced many hits Astral Projection People Can Fly and as Kabbalah (1996), Liquid Sun (1997), Searching For UFOs and Mahadeva (1999)

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