Any tips for astral projection?

Bekah Asked: Any tips for astral projection?

I usually can't get past the "vibrations" stage. Any tips? Thanks


Rowdy Yayhoot Answered:
Don't forget where you parked your body.

There is no time or distance in the spirit world. Start praying and don't stop.

Aria Ceen Answered:
I recommend you look into why astral projection doesn't work. It's a long disproven concept; in all trials and studies, no one has been able to demonstrate that they can projection themselves and obtain some hidden knowledge that demonstrates that they've been projected. You might imagine yourself being projected, but imagination is not reality.

Sandy Answered:
sounds kinky

Iwalkeverywhere Answered:
Yes, there is no such thing.

Jamlord Answered:
Practice, practice, practice.You'll get it.

Epidexia93 Answered:
Someone I know today said they downloaded a book called "astral dynamics" or something and that it was very helpful. Unfortunately there aren't many books out there that tell you how to do it practically. I'm not sure why that is but there is a lot of nonsense you have to sift through before you find any valid things on the subject of astral projection.

Try going to bed with the intention of doing it and imagine yourself coming out of your body. You'll know when it happens.

Sorry for my limited information on the topic. Good luck.

hindusufi Answered:
Astral projection is imaginary.Once you understand that as real truth you can do much better with your imagination and have more adventure/fun.

Scully Answered:
Drink half a bottle of brandy with some pain killing drugs, have a couple of smokes containing cannabis and go to bed.You will definitely get past the shakes.

London Goll Answered:
That "there are no studies confirming astral projextion" thing is untrue. I have read many books on it. many studies have been successful. It just depends on how open minded you are.
And we are back to the, no evidence it can't be true thing. Shut up.

I share your problem. I have heard from experienced projectors it takes a while to master.

I know my problem is fear. When your in the vibrations stage, ask yourself what emotion your feeling right then. I know they say to not really think about anything during that but since you can't get passed it anyway, you might as well find whats wrong and get passed it.
Fear is most likely the cause. You might not noticed cause its covered by excitement or you might be telling yourself your just nervous.

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