Adventure time satanic?

ComeAtMeHo Asked: Adventure time satanic?

Does anybody else think the cartoon Adventure time on cartoon network is satanic. I've watched a few episodes and they talk about Astral projection and the astral plain a lot. Theres even a character that Fin called Dingus. Dingus is the name of the most powerful demon in hell. Why would they put that on a kid's show.


Brandon Answered:
you just figured it out? its more subliminal to be exact. if you freezs frame some scenes theres images of penises and vajayjays. you should look up on youtube and look at the disney subliminal messages. their called the illuminati which are a higher society to freemasons and one of their goals is to make sex an art form. their number one goal is to take over the world whih will happen soon if youve been paying attention. their symbols are everywhere, on the back of the dollar bill for example. you should look them up on youtube. but beware of ppl making stupid fake videos to try to persuade you that its fake. youll know who they are.

Veronica Answered:
Well it's not real but you can acheive a lucid state during dreaming through various repeated practices.Things like looking at clocks during the day and noting their time when you look back at them, or signs.In dreams these are subject to change each time you look at them and this could be a sign that you are dreaming.When you notice it you can take control of the dream.

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