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You may already be aware that you have great potential locked away inside of you.  Your interest in lucid dreams or other similar effects may have brought you here, but there is so much more available to you than you may realize.  We want to offer you ways that you can tap into your potential to reach the greater joys in life.  Check out the promotional page to find out more about lucid dreaming audio assistance and so much more.


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Most of the products that will be found on this site or linked to by this site are considered by the admins to be interesting or useful for people who are interested in lucid dreaming or other related topics.  It is the intention of the site owners to provide useful information to our readers as well as offer products or services that readers may find helpful or useful.  There also may be unrelated sponsored advertisements, but these will be kept to a minimum.  Unrelated ads are a way to help fund projects, events, and/or work done by the site owners as well as keep the site as a free site for all interested readers.

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